The exact amount of money you need to pay for your later lifestyle

How much is needed?Someone who is currently 30 can retire around 60 by virtue of building up a pension fund of about €800,000 in today’s money. I believe this is what is needed to be truly comfortable. In order for that to happen, you need to be contributing about €1,000 per month, and that can […]

How should you purchase property?

How should you purchase property? ✅ personal name✅ through a company✅ through your pension In my opinion, if you want to live in the property….buy it in your own name (Exit 100% Tax Free). If you want to invest and hold the property to help fund your later lifestyle…. buy it in your Personal Retirement […]

Q – How do I grow my business?

Mentors, Masterminds & Networking   Find your own Business Mentor’s  MentorsWork   Set up your own Mastermind Group Power of Seven Barry Walsh   Start building your Networks Local Chamber of Commerce Local Enterprise Office   Join Business Groups IBEC SFA – Small Firms Association ISME – Irish SME Association   Join […]

Hire a Tech Apprentice

  FIT (Fastrack into Information Technology) Facilitation of Work Experience and Internships FIT have students available for work experience and internship at various points throughout the year. The majority of our internships run over the summer months from June to August with students available for periods between 4 and 12 weeks depending on their […]

Real Estate Agents website

What technology and functionality should be included in a modern Real Estate Agents website? A modern real estate agent’s website should include the following technologies and functionalities: Responsive Design: Ensures the website looks and functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Property Listings: A searchable database of properties for sale or rent, […]

Digital publishing website

What technology and functionality should be included in a digital publishing website? A digital publishing website should incorporate the following technologies and functionalities to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for readers: Content Management System (CMS): Allows easy creation, editing, and organization of articles, blog posts, multimedia content, and other publications. Responsive Design: Ensures the […]

What does financial freedom look like to you?

What does financial freedom look like to you? Don’t rely on the State Pension! To quality for the state pension you need a minimum 10 year’s Pay Related Social Insurance Contributions (PRSI is deducted from your monthly salary). You can think of this as a savings fund that adds up to €250,000 by the time […]

Never Give Up

  It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. This is the mindset you must have when building a business. Focus on building something of value and never stop!

Digital Marketing Plan

Start with your Company Website Set up your BLOG and start posting useful information for your target audience. Set up an online CALENDAR and PAYMENT SYSTEM to allow people easily book appointments and PAY for products and services. Ths can be done using WORDPRESS with Plug-ins for AMEILA, ELEMENTOR, STRIPE. Set up an Opt-in Email […]

Embrace the power of budgeting

Effective budgeting is a vital skill that can pave the way to financial success. By gaining control over your finances, you can make informed decisions, achieve your goals, and build a solid foundation for a prosperous future. Where do I start? Book an appointment NOW with a Financial Advisor. If you don’t know where to […]

What is F U Money ?

What is F U Money? The polite answer is; My “Freedom Fund” or “Financial Independence Retire Early” (FIRE) How do SME Business Owners achieve F U Money? Pay Less Tax. Pay yourself (& spouse) up to €84,000 p.a from your business (20% Tax Rate) and run your household expenses within this budget. Save Money in […]

The “Do Something” Principle

Lots of research suggests that, while we think that motivation leads to action, actually, it’s the other way around. Action, leads to Inspiration, and then motivation. ACT >> INSPIRE >> MOTIVATE

The Four Burners Theory

The Four Burners WorkFriendsFamilyHealth Due to a shortage of fuel, you can’t have all Four Burners working at the same time; You have to choose any 3? Due to ongoing fuel shortages, you have to choose any 2?………..and finally you have to choose 1? The Four Burners Theory is asking you to think about the […]

Property Investment Options

Attention Business Owners & Company Directors. If you are considering buying property as an investment, take a quick look at the options; Personal v Pension, and let us know which option you would choose? If you need any help reviewing your current plans or would like to develop a long term tax efficient outcome – […]